Join Our Panel of Advisors

Welcome to the Meridian MPS Advisory Panel, the highest caliber of assembled subject matter experts available to Medical Practitioners today. We share a common goal and interest. We base our selection on a multitude of factors, most importantly, the ability to deliver value and expertise to your clientele while maintaining exemplary ethical and moral standards of practice. Challenged by an eroding compensation structure attributable primarily to onerous, complex government regulation, our Medical Practitioner Members need help now more than ever.

In response to these challenges, we have assembled a unified resource for Practitioners to access for certainty, expertise and guidance in those areas that will fortify their existing practice and foster their personal stability. In an effort to maintain the utmost integrity in the guidance we offer, it is imperative that our Meridian Advisors act only in the best interest of our membership and their continued success.

The common thread among our team is the understanding that when we offer guidance without further obligation, the audience not only recognizes our expertise, but is more inclined to retain our services. It is the policy of Meridian not to use the opportunity to speak to our membership as a platform from which to promote products or services, but to educate and inform.

Meridian Certified Advisor Application